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July 2018

Arcanus 55 | Private Wealth Safe - PIN Encrypted USB

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I don't want to know your business. However if your business depends on privileged access to files on a Windows computer then you will be needing a Privacy Paranoid Plan B. There are many scenarios that could result in either you losing access to your information, someone gaining access to your private information, or both.

If you are too smart to let any of this happen then you can stop reading now and continue finger painting.

For the rest of us who appreciate that we don't know what we don't know, I will propose a solution.

Arcanus 55. This is an encrypted USB with Bootable Linux Mint installed. In a scenario where your computer becomes unstable or has been compromised, simply plug in the USB and restart.

If you've taken my ernest advice and copied all your precious documents, passwords, keys and cryptocurrency onto the Arcanus USB device then you are back in business!

The simple reason this works is because when you boot a USB the computer's hard drives are effectively quarantined. If there was malware on your computer, it would still be there but it would be sleeping because there is no operating system to execute it.

The Arcanus 55 USB device is portable. It's an entire computer that fits in your pocket, fire safe or safety deposit box.

The Arcanus 55 USB device is encrypted at rest. It cannot be accessed without a 16 digit code that only you know. If it's stolen or lost it's secrets remain secret.

The Arcanus 55 Capsule is an extremely reliable, airtight and waterproof USB container.

Linux Mint 19 ("Tara" Cinnamon 64-bit) is a good choice for this task. There are many flavors of Linux and many are good, but Mint has become a favorite simply because it's easy to use. You don't need to be a Linux expert. If you are comfortable with Windows or a Mac then you can use Mint.

This solution is business continuity through prepper survivability and defensive computing, also known as uncommon sense. Be safe.

Enter The PIN before inserting the USB into its slot. Do not enter the PIN while the device is connected.

Close all applications before hibernating, suspending, logging off or ejecting the USB device. This is an important step especially if you are using the A55 Key Quest Vault or a software cryptocurrency wallet.

Put the USB Device back in its capsule when not in use. You should remember to seal the capsule and store it in a safe place.

Make sure your are not being watched or recorded by a surveillance camera. Be aware of your surroundings and look behind you.

Do not plug the USB into a suspicious computer. Avoid using a computer that may be infected with malware.